Police Department

Acting Chief - Sgt. T. Willcutt

Sgt. T. Willcutt

Acting Chief

Satsuma Police Dept.
Satsuma Police Dept.

Satsuma Assisting the Vulnerable and Elderly

The Satsuma Police Department is asking for your assistance with our vulnerable and/or elderly citizens.  The information provided on this paperwork will be confidential to police and fire personnel.  Our goal at the Satsuma Police Department is to protect your loved ones and to return them to your care as quickly as we can.  We also ask that you please update this information anytime there is any change in the listed information.  Feel free to list any pertinent information you feel is important for proper care.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Criminal Investigation Division
Criminal Investigation’s responsibilities include investigating major crimes, IE. burglaries, robberies, rape, assaults, etc. We also handle crime scenes, evidence collection, dusting for fingerprints, and photographing and diagraming the crime scene.
The patrol division consists of 13 fulltime and 2 part time officers.The patrol division is primarily responsible for regulating traffic and enforcing traffic laws as well as to prevent and deter criminal activity and to answer calls for service.
Crime Watch
The Satsuma Police Department is attempting to establish a Community Watch program. Interested persons can obtain applications and information packets from the police docket room or call the police department at 251-675-0151.
Community Policing
“We, the members of the Satsuma Police Department, are committed to protect and serve our community. Our goal is to safeguard the citizens of Satsuma against harm or injustice while maintaining a safe environment for the community as well as for any person passing through this city.We further hold ourselves to the trust and integrity placed in us by the virtue of the position we hold as police officers. We will strive to maintain good community relations with the public as well as good working relationships with our fellow officers, employees and supervisors along with our neighboring jurisdictions.We will forever uphold the ideals set forth by our founding fathers that all men are created equal and everyone is afforded the right of equal protection under the law.”
Special Interest
Satsuma ‘s law enforcement utilizes OffenderWatch® to manage and monitor the whereabouts, conduct and compliance status of the registered sex offenders in Satsuma . OffenderWatch® provides the most accurate and timely information available and now this information is available to you! Click here for more information.
Free Gun Trigger Locks for Child Safety
The Satsuma Police Department has free gun trigger locks to promote safety with guns in the home. All you have to do is drop by the Police Department at 5668 Second Street to receive your FREE gun locks. We are happy to be able to provide this service to our community. The Satsuma Police Department has also added a bicycle patrol unit as part of its effort to interact more closely with the community

Dedication of the Public Safety Building
October 30, 2019