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Garbage Collection Days
The city provides twice a week garbage service.  The days of pick up depend on where you live.  If your new residence is east of Highway 43 and north of Orange Avenue, your pick up days are Monday and Thursday.  If you reside anywhere else in the city your pickup days are Tuesday and Friday.  Exceptions to the garbage pickup schedule are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Holidays.  The holidays may affect your collection days depending on when the city observes the holidays.


Information regarding garbage collections:

What is the size of the cart?  The standard size is 96 gallons and is equivalent to about 3 ½ regular garbage cans.  It has large wheels, which makes it easy to move.

What is the cost? The garbage fee is $20.50 per month for the first cart.  A second cart can be added for an additional cost of $10.25 per month.

Where should I put the cart on collection day?  Roll the cart out and position it at one side of the driveway about three feet from the street.   Don’t put the cart in front of your mailbox, which may cause problems with your mail delivery or within three (3) feet of any other obstruction because the truck will not be able to get close enough to empty it.

When should I put the cart out?  Put the cart out the night before the scheduled pick up to avoid being missed.  The collector will begin as early as 6:00 a.m. each morning and may not come the same time each week.  If your cart was out on time but not picked up, please call 679-3182 so that we can contact the driver.

How full may I fill the cart?  You may fill the cart completely full as long as the lid will completely close.  Carts that are over-filled may not dump correctly and spill refuse. Spills caused by over-filled carts are the resident’s responsibility to clean up and could be a violation of our Storm Water Management Plan if debris is washed down into the storm drains.  Please keep the lid closed at all times to keep out animals and rain.

What kind of refuse can I put into the cart?  You may include household garbage, as well as yard and garden materials which have been cut to fit properly into the carts. Please put grass clippings and wet garbage in bags before putting it into the cart.  It will empty better and keep the cart cleaner.

What kind of refuse if prohibited? DO NOT PUT HAZARDOUS MATERIAL IN THE CART.  Do not put rocks, bricks or similar materials in the cart. If the cart is too heavy then damage may occur. Residents may be required to pay for damaged carts caused by abuse or negligence.

What if I am unable to take my cart to the road because of a disability or I am an elderly citizen? If you are a citizen over the age of 65 or disable and are unable to put your cart to the road, please contact Bridgett Nolan at 670-3182 or 370-6117.

Trash Ramp
The City has a trash ramp located on Catherine Drive.  The ramp is for non-hazardous material and is open Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The exception may be Saturdays that follow a city observed holiday; you will need to contact public works to confirm if the ramp in open.
Leaf and Limb Pickup
The City offers leaf and limb pickup.  Loose leaves can be placed on the right of way in front of your home during the months of October through May.    Leaves MUST NOT be placed in the street, on a drain box or in a ditch which could affect storm water drain off.  Leaves cannot be mixed with other vegetation since the leaf vacuum will only pick up leaves.  Please do a separate pile for limbs. Limbs are treated the same way as loose leaves, except they are picked up by a knuckle boom truck.  Both services run once a week and is limited to two (2) cubic yards of debris.
The City can accept metal for recycling at the trash ramp.  Used tires can be taken to a local tire company and they will accept for a nominal fee.   Please see the attached list for all other recycling locations.


Violations of these or any other ordinances may result in penalties per Code of Ordinance 377, City of Satsuma, Section 1-14.  

Tree Removal
Tree Removal from your property requires a tree removal permit.  If the homeowner cuts the tree down, the city, with notice, will pick up the refuse. If the removal is contracted, then the contractor is responsible for removal of the debris.
Business License
Business License is required if you have a home based business.
Motor Vehicles or Trailers
Any motor vehicle unable to move under its own power must be stored behind the front building line.  Any vehicle being worked on for more than ten (10) days shall be moved behind the main building line. Any motor home, travel trailer, utility trailers and boats shall be stored behind the front building line.
No owner of a dog or cat shall permit such dog or cat to run at large at any time within the city. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any chickens within the city without having the approval of the building inspector.
Right of Way Permit
A Right of Way permit is required if you do any work in the public right of way.  This includes driveway, sprinklers and installation of mail boxes. A right of way is the 15’ off the roadway which is used for utility purposes.  That State requires that any digging on the right of way requires a utility locate by calling 811.
The city has a no-burn policy year round. Only burning in a fire pit is allowed.
Swimming Pools
Swimming pools shall be maintained so as not to create a health hazard.


Satsuma City Hall
City Hall   251-675-1440

Call this number for City Clerk, Business License, Senior Services, and Court.

Satsuma City Hall is located at 5464 Old Highway 43

Council Meeting: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month- 7:00 p.m.

Planning Commission Meetings: 1st Thursday of the month- 6:00 p.m.


Building Inspector/Code Enforcer

Building Inspector/Code Enforcer  251-675-1440

Public Works

Public Works  251-679-3182 

Fire Department
Fire Department 251-679-1640 Clyde Miller, Fire Chief
Police Department
Police Department 251-675-0151
Satsuma Public Library
Satsuma Public Library 251-679-0700
Satsuma Senior Center
Satsuma Senior Center 251-679-3199
Satsuma City Schools
Satsuma City Schools

Central Office  251-380-8200

Robert E. Lee Elementary  251-380-8210

Satsuma High School  251-380-8190

Satsuma Post Office
Satsuma Post Office   251-675-8095

Alabama Power  1-800-245-2244

Mediacom  1-855-633-4226  Local office for payments- 5807-A Highway 43

Mobile Gas  251-476-8052